Basics of statement pieces

Wearing “statement pieces” is now already a growing trend in Men’s fashion. From a woman’s perspective, we think men are just about the basics– shirts, jeans and sneakers.  And it’s not all there is to it anymore. They now invest in dressy pieces that are meant to be worn in different seasons or occasions. Suits and bold printed pieces , nowadays, are a must in a man’s closet. It gives the clean-up look whenever you are too lazy to even try to put something together. Kind of your pick-me-upper when you are too lazy to think of anything else to put on.

You can wear a bold-patterned jacket or shirt and keep everything else low-key. Simply put together.

You can keep the rest monochrome or match the colors of the patterns. It pretty much depends on how edgy you want your style to be. Just don’t overdo it. The idea is to keep the rest minimal and if you are wearing bold patterns or colors so it stands out more.